Ze Poet has finally had it with winter. He hopes you had a nice Christmas. He did not.

A sequel to a previous short film of mine, Ze Snow. Shot on the Canon XH-A1 (first 2 shots) and the iPhone 5 (final 3 shots of the dog and feet)

The Well-Tempered Clavier, Book 1 – Prelude #8 in E-Flat Minor, BWV 853
Composed by Bach, Performed by the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra & Leopold Stokowski

For the culmination of my year at the Vancouver Film School, I achieved the position of video editor on Elliot Spark. Elliot Spark was the crown jewel of my class. It was extremely ambitious for a student film, with a fantasy setting, live animals, full body creature makeup, and a child actor. Staff and students gave it immense praise, and it went on to festivals after its film school debut.

I am pleased to finally present it. It was quite the learning experience, and a great way to end my time at film school.

Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been editing together behind the scenes interviews with various crew members of Elliot Spark, a VFS final project. My interview is now online, and in it I talk about my role on the film and what attracted me to it. I’d be grateful if you gave it a watch.

This is the short film I wrote, edited and co-produced back in term 1 of the VFS curriculum.

Carl, who recently broke up with his girlfriend, is feeling down. Carl’s best friend, John, decides to set him up on a blind date with one of his friends. This will be a night to remember…

A VFS term 1 short film written, edited and co-produced by Andrew Wilson.

This is a great day for YouTubers, and a long time coming, at that. YouTube has finally unlocked the 15 minute video cap… with a catch. As long as your YouTube channel has NO strikes against it, meaning you haven’t been caught uploading any copyrighted material, you’re free to upload videos at any length with file sizes of up to 20GB! Previously, this feature was only available to members of the YouTube partner program, which allows select few users to display ads and monetize off their video views. If you haven’t gotten the message yet, give it time. YouTube is slowly rolling out this new feature, and hasn’t really officially announced it yet.

I noticed this message on the upload page of both my short film and daily vlog accounts today, and I’m ecstatic! A big problem with many of my vlogs is that I had to struggle to keep them under 15 minutes, without cutting out anything important and fun. Now, if my video is longer, even by just a few seconds, I have no need to worry!

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