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Why You Can Now Upload 15+ Minute Videos To YouTube
YouTubers with no strikes against their channel can upload videos over 15 minutes, something previously only available to partners.
To mainstream media: YouTube is NOT a get rich quick scheme!
I recently came across a video of a CNN news broadcast in which they talk about how you can use YouTube to make a living. The title of this video is "Quit your day job and make a living off YouTube.". They interviewed a couple successful youtubers, including the amazing Joe Penna (aka MysteryGuitarMan) and asked them to tell their secrets to ...more»
Short Film: Anatomy of a Tech Junkie Anatomy of a Tech Junkie is a concept for a web series I've had floating around in my cranium for the past two years. Over the summer, I took a documentary filmmaking course, in which we were required to complete a short, 10 minute documentary. I decided this concept would fit, and after years of development, my idea finally came ...more»
Short Film: Riverdale Farm July 2010 As part of my documentary filmmaking course, we had to create a "visual essay", a video document of an area. I chose to do my local farm, called Riverdale Farm. This film was shot with a Canon XH-A1 and a Letus35 Extreme using a Carl Zeiss 50mm f/1.4 lens and a Nikon 28mm f/2.8 lens. ...more»
Toronto YouTube Gathering
Toronto YouTube gathering hosted by Corey Vidal.
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