I thought I’d start off a new segment of my blog: Video Watch. Here I’ll post videos I’ve recently watched that I find interesting. I hope you will find them interesting, too.

“The Last Feast” by Prrrd

A stunningly beautiful short film by Prrrd, combining stop motion, computer and traditional animation styles.

“Lost Zombies” by lostzombies.com

An impressive zombie film shot documentary style. What’s even more impressive is that it was made in 24 hours.

“Longboard Cam” by SMP Films

Cory “Mr. Safety” Williams takes a Flip MinoHD camera, attaches it to a monopod and records a very low angle shot of a skateboard ride.

“Street Art / Graffiti Tour – Melbourne YouTube Gathering” by Angry Aussie

“Angry Aussie” (Who’s real name I believe is Andrew ;P) takes a break from his usual entertaining rants and records a video in the graffiti-plastered alleys of Melbourne.