Hey guys! I know this is LONG overdue, but here’s another video watch!

Welcome to Dreamland HDR Video by Matthew Gorveatte

We all love a good HDR photo, but HDR VIDEO?! What is this madness! WITCHCRAFT I SAY! But seriously, this is beautiful, and technically impressive.

Welcome to Dreamland HDR Video By Matthew Gorveatte Thx to Kelowna Cycle and HSB from Matthew Gorveatte on Vimeo

Salton Sea Beach by Philip Bloom

Philip Bloom is the ultimate camera geek. He know everything and anything about the insides, outsides, upsides and downsides of pretty much every camera out there. If someone can take a $800 DSLR and make a video that looks like it’s been pulled out of a feature film, you know they have talent!

Salton Sea Beach from Philip Bloom on Vimeo

Fuck Shit Stack – Music video by Waverly Films – song by Reggie Watts – NOT SAFE FOR WORK!!!

Reggie Watts of internet fame is a rap/hiphop musician with a comical style. In short: He’s pure awesomesauce! Want a good laugh? Then watch this. The guys from Waverly Films did an excellent  job on his music video. WARNING: SWEARING!!! NSFW!!!