If you’ve been following me on Twitter, you would know that last weekend I went to a YouTube gathering hosted by Corey Vidal. I had an amazing time! I met a lot of really fun, friendly YouTubers and made a bunch of new friends.

We all met up at Trinity-Bellwoods Park. It was a pretty big park, and the exact meeting place wasn’t really specified, so you can imagine the confusion of new arrivals, wandering in circles trying to find the group. The initial group started off very small, about 12 people, but it quickly grew to a crowd of what seemed like 100. We hung out in the community centre for a while, exchanging usernames and talking about our vids and subscribers (or lack thereof :P).

After an hour or so we decided to leave and give the people in the community centre some room to breathe. We settled on going out for dinner, but without a specified leader we ended up huddling together, wandering aimlessly down Queen street like a school of fish. Geek fish, in our case. Eventually we split into little groups and invaded various restaurants.

Later in the evening, the few that were left of us corralled into a restaurant to watch the lovely Meghan Tonjes of YouTube fame perform live. She’s a very talented musician, with a beautiful voice and equally beautiful songs. If you’re unfammilar with her, I suggest you check out her website @ http://www.meghantonjes.com/

This was my first time doing any sort of internet meetup, and after this I wish there was a new one to go to every week! I had an amazing time, and I can’t wait for the next one!

Here’s a video I put together of the event. Check the video description for all the amazing ‘tubers I met, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to them! 😀