Here are some amazing short films that I’d like to share with you.

“Ready or Not” by Mark Kuczewski

Ready or Not is a short thriller shot in various locations in London, England on a Canon 5DMKII. It is very well scripted and excellently shot, with many tense moments and a cool twist ending. You should really check this out!

Ready or Not from Mark Kuczewski on Vimeo.

“New York City” by Tom Davis

This another amazing DSLR short film, shot in various locations in New York. The night shots are especially breathtaking. I’m continually amazed at what these DSLRs can achieve, especially in low light.

New York City from Tom Davis on Vimeo.

“Regional Food Bank” – Food for Kids by christopher hunt

An emotional and inspirational short documentary on the child hunger crisis in Oklahoma, shot on the 5DMKII. The beautiful cinematography lends to the heart-wrenching story about children in Oklahoma who live in such poverty that they depend on school lunches just to get a single daily meal.

Regional Food Bank – Food for Kids from christopher hunt on Vimeo.