Anatomy of a Tech Junkie

A short mocumentary about a group of tech geeks and Apple fanboys on a search for the newly-released iPad.

Maybe She’s Wrong

Maybe She’s Wrong is a short film about a teenage girl named named Lola, who’s mother doesn’t approve of her relationship with her boyfriend, Joel.

Little Red Riding Hood: As Told by Roald Dahl

The classic fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood and The Big Bad Wolf as told by Roald Dahl using stop-motion animation.

GmodDOTcrazy Episode 1

GmodDOTcrazy is sketch comedy in the video game world. It is the tale of Billy, a young man addicted to his cell phone.

Riverdale Farm July 2010

As part of my documentary filmmaking course, we had to create a “visual essay”, a video document of an area. I chose to do my local farm, called Riverdale Farm.

Ze Snow

“Ze Poet” returns to complain once again, this time about snow…

Ze Flowers

“Ze Poet” tells us about ze flowers next…

Ze Rain

“Ze Poet” tells us about ze rain…

Cow Juice

On a typical morning, Duncan wakes up to start the day, like everyone else, with a bowl of cereal and Nelson’s Old Cow Juice. High in fat, with vitamins X & Y added. All part of a balanced breakfast.

Cat Nap

A quick video of my friend’s cat having a very realizing rest at our “cat spa”.

Light Guitar Rock

Turn your speakers up to 11 and prepare to ROCK! Light Guitar Rock combines elements of photography, music and even video games into a colourful video experience.

Visual Composition

The result of a school project, the object was to create visual “notation” that a musician or musicians could interoperate.


This is an experiment I conducted with audio and video feedback. The audio is me simply holding my guitar right in front of my amp, changing the amp’s settings to alter the sound. The video, on the other hand, that’s my secret!

Sand Coaster

What started as a simple clip of drawing lines in a Zen Garden quickly became an adrenaline-filled roller coaster!

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