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Video Watch – August 18 2010
Here are some amazing short films that I'd like to share with you. "Ready or Not" by Mark Kuczewski Ready or Not is a short thriller shot in various locations in London, England on a Canon 5DMKII. It is very well scripted and excellently shot, with many tense moments and a cool twist ending. You should really check this out! Ready or Not ...more»
Video Watch – June 30 2010
Video Watch for June 30, 2010.
Video Watch – May 18 2010
Video Watch for May 18, 2010.
Video Watch – April 25 2010
Video Watch for April 25 2010. Featuring "The Raven" and "Our Park".
Video Watch – April 11 2010
Hey guys! I know this is LONG overdue, but here's another video watch! Welcome to Dreamland HDR Video by Matthew Gorveatte We all love a good HDR photo, but HDR VIDEO?! What is this madness! WITCHCRAFT I SAY! But seriously, this is beautiful, and technically impressive. Welcome to Dreamland HDR Video By Matthew Gorveatte Thx to Kelowna Cycle and HSB from Matthew Gorveatte ...more»